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Mexico tours from Montreal, Canada, including tour companies, average prices, and airlines

9th Aug, 2023

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 Mexico tours from Montreal, Canada, including tour companies, average prices, and airlines

Enchanting Mexico awaits! Explore ancient ruins, savor delicious cuisine, and bask in stunning landscapes on a mesmerizing tour from Montreal.

  • Tour Companies:

There are several tour companies that organize Mexico tours from Montreal. Some popular tour operators may include TUI Canada, G Adventures, Air Canada Vacations, and WestJet Vacations, among others. Additionally, local tour companies also offer Mexico tour packages.

  1. TUI Canada: TUI Canada is a Canadian-based tour operator offering a wide range of Mexico tour options. With high-quality accommodations, professional guidance, and various tour activities, they help you explore Mexico's top attractions.

  2. G Adventures: G Adventures specializes in adventure tours and cultural explorations. Offering sustainable travel experiences, they allow you to discover Mexico's hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

  3. Air Canada Vacations: Air Canada Vacations is an airline-based company providing vacation packages to popular destinations. Their Mexico tours from Montreal include customizable packages with flights and accommodations.

  4. WestJet Vacations: WestJet Vacations is a tour operator offering vacation packages by low-cost airline WestJet. They provide a variety of Mexico tour options to suit different budgets and preferences.

These tour companies are reliable options for travel from Montreal to Mexico. By checking customer reviews and experiences, you can choose the best tour company that caters to your needs. These reputable companies will ensure an unforgettable Mexico experience for you.

  • Average Prices:

Average prices for Mexico tours from Montreal can vary based on the tour's inclusions, duration, travel dates, and hotel class. Generally, you can find the following price ranges:

  • Economy Class Packages: Typically offered between $800 to $1500 USD. These packages include budget accommodations, basic tour activities, and economy class airfare.

  • Mid-range Packages: Priced from $1500 to $2500 USD, mid-range packages offer better-quality hotel stays, a variety of tour activities, and upgraded flight options.

  • Luxury Class Packages: Ranging from $2500 to $5000 USD and beyond, luxury class packages feature luxurious hotel accommodations, private tours, exclusive transportation, and the best flight class options.

These price ranges are estimates for a typical 7-10 day Mexico tour and are based on per person costs. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate depending on the travel dates. Requesting quotes from tour companies will help you find the best prices that fit your budget.

  • Airlines:

There are various airlines that operate flights from Montreal to Mexico. International carriers such as Air Canada, WestJet, Interjet, and Aeromexico, along with their respective connecting flights, offer different options for travelers.

  • Flight Ticket Prices:

Flight ticket prices can vary based on travel dates, booking timing, class options, and the chosen airline. Booking in advance and being flexible with travel dates may help you find more affordable flight options.

  • Best Time for Canada to Mexico Tours

The best time for Canada to Mexico tours is generally during the winter months of December to April in the Northern Hemisphere. This period offers a pleasant escape from Canada's cold winter weather, with Mexico enjoying warm and sunny climates. Opting for a tour during this time allows travelers to bask in the gentle warmth, explore beautiful beaches, and engage in various outdoor activities. Additionally, hotels and tour activities may be more affordable compared to the peak tourist season. Consider the winter months for an enjoyable and budget-friendly Mexico tour from Canada. However, keep in mind that the fall and spring seasons can also be suitable alternatives with milder temperatures and fewer crowds. When planning your trip, consider weather conditions and tourist traffic to make the most of your travel experience.

I recommend researching different tour companies and airlines and comparing prices to find the best deals. Additionally, carefully review the contents and details of tour packages to choose one that suits your needs. Opting for reputable companies with positive reviews will ensure a pleasant travel experience.

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